Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Seamen Karaoke

These designs were for a show that I was helping to develop at Warner Brothers. It was going to be for a late night release (like adult swim) and was going to be an anime parody. Lot's of sexual innuendo and very funny. This is Keith Kaczorek's baby. I loved working with Keith. I have some more drawings but not in my computer. I will have to scan and then post them. I loved working on this show.


Anonymous said...

Like I said ages ago - you should be
locked up man . Sicko...;)

Glad to see you in the Blogosphere man .Keep posting buddy .
I linked you up .

Cheers Dave .

Mindy Lee said...

Love your anime characters! There a great variety of themes and styles. the rock band girl characters are really cool too :D

Dave said...

Thanks Simon and Mindy. You are both extremely talented artists and I appreciate your kind words and visit to the blog.